Album Recommendations

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DDR A20+

Anything Bemani: Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, Pop'n Music, All high energy, Music focused Company. Absolutely love it

Decade 05-15

Decade 05-15: Some of the best Rave music ever made, Period. Every track, a masterpiece

reZonance world ~ZUNTATA 30th ANNIVERSARY~

ReZonance World: Zuntata is one of my fav bands, this album is a culmination of everything great about them, definitely check out their other work if you love this


Evergrace: Some of the strangest music I've ever heard and I appreciate that, instead of becoming more professional over time, Kota Hoshino got weirder with his talent. massive props to him

Crash Twinsanity

Crash Twinsanity: I can't believe this got me to love acapala and I'm usually not a big fan of vocals or acapela but some songs are so good, they transcend their own genre


Klonoa 1 and 2: Incredible upbeat synthetic orchestra from Capcom. Empire of dreams and beach volley are aight too

Tekken 2 Strike Arranges

Tekken 2 Strike Arranges: This is some grade A Audiophile bullshit right here, you got your beep boops and your zaps in here with drones everywhere

Time Crisis

Time Crisis: THE light gun shooter of the 90s, and an unforgettable soundtrack to boot

Let It Die

Let It Die: Ahh Akira Yamaoka, a legend of horror and he finally gets to make boppin beats; Especially love Stage Rooftop A 006 and 008, THESE ARE THE SICKEST BEATS IDC WHAT ANYONE SAYS

Sengoku Musou 2

Samarai Warriors/Sengoku Musou 2: Japanese Techno, fast, unrelenting. Fav tracks: Mikatagahara ~Sengoku2 mix~ and Backwater

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy: Hi-fi Bit-tune music, fantastically composed by Danny Baranowsky. Absolute Classic

Tekken 4

Tekken 4: Smoothest Electronic music with a dark atmosphere, hits me right in the feels that song (Fetus)

Darius 30th Anniversary

Darius 30th Anniversary: Im a huge fan of Synthetic orchestra so this album is a no brainer if you love it too (with a mix of chip-tune)

WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 06

Smackdown Vs RAW '06: The only good year of curated music for this series. Hi-fi Hip hop that cuts through the competition

Hotline Miami 2

Hotline Miami 1/2: Wrong Number: Blood pumping, Big balling, Mob bustin type beat. Give this album a listen or you have no soul


Einhänder: A Shmup soundtrack with Aesthetic. If you like this album, give the Einhänder Rebellion album a listen too

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Some of the best composers in the industry get to make music centered around hard hitting BASS, YES

Onimusha 3

Onimusha 3: Heroic, bold, perserverant. Fav songs: The Shadow of Conspiracy and Training

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: More Timeless Bit-Tune Music; linking to search because game rip has songs not in the main album

Sin-Drome of Separation

Sin-Drome Of Separation: Dark music that sticks with you long after its over. Fav Song: Hell on Earth (The Retrosic Remix)